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What is the role of the journalist? 8:25-8:45 Coffee and News! 8:45 Google Meet : Starter : Share out about news stories we are following!  " SEMINAR" discussion: What is the role of a journalist in a democratic society? How is this getting complicated in the 21st century? Do journalists in the US fulfill this role? How is the news coverage in the US media representative of our culture? What does this mean for us as a student press?  What is the role of the student journalist in a high school setting? Important journalism vocab : Please download this and study up! Quiz at some point:) Yay! Let’s be journalists! Your first story assignment: Cover some news! Interview! Choose from the list we brainstormed OR determine another news story that you want to cover.  Next week, we will learn more about news writing and start crafting stories.  Some of these stories will inevitably grow into Quill Media content.  Start wi


  INTROS/Share out:  1. Name 2. Describe your news habits and/or your relationship with media consumption.  3. Why did you sign up for this class?  What is Quill Media? FIRST, KNOW THIS : The singular of media is medium . Media is the collective noun when we refer to the press as a single entity, in which case you can use a singular verb. A newspaper is a medium . Donald Glover’s talent shines in numerous media . I get my news from a lot of different media , but television is my parents’ medium of choice. The media (collective) is the enemy of the people. (FACT CHECK: It’s not, actually.) Other terms for “the media” (the humans that do the work of journalism): the press, the press corps, news people, reporters, the Fourth Estate (how about the Fifth?) SO, WHO ARE WE? WHAT DO WE DO HERE? You guys get to shape it! The Quill: From renaissance to alive and well...REFINEMENT is a HoHam. Take it in.  Website: yes!  Twitter? Snapchat? Insta? TikTok? You tell me, guys. How does your audience