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Class Biz

FIRST: We MUST cover the STUCO elections in real time!  DEADLINE: TODAY!!! Who is doing this?  What is plan?  READY, GO!
SECOND:  What are the stories you are working on?  Content brainstorm on back board from now on.  FEATURES on Thursday, so stay tuned!
THIRD:  Editorships available! As a staff, we need to fill the following Quill positions pretty immediately: Editor(s)-in-chief3-5 Content (Section/Page) EditorsNews, Feature, A/E, Op-Ed, Sports/Activites, Beautiful WorkPhoto Editor (s)Webmaster (s)Videomaster (s)Copy Editor?Business/AD sales This combo of people will make up the editorial board and begin to manage the inner workings of Quill Media.
If you are interested in any of these leadership roles, please email Jessica ASAP to express what and why!

What do we want Quill Media to be?

CRITIQUE of Old Quills:
What do you notice:
...beautiful work?
...traditions that we want to carry on?
...things we can improve on?

Vision Quest:
What do we want our student media organization to be/do/publish/create?

What does our audience need/want to know and or read about?

EXIT TICKET:  How do YOU want to contribute to Quill Media this year?

Seminar: "The Elements of Journalism"

SEMINAR: The Elements of Journalism(Kovach and Rosenstiel)

Some key questions: What is the role of a journalist in a democratic society?How is this getting complicated in the 21st century?Do journalists in the US fulfill this role?How is the news coverage in the US media representative of our culture?What does this mean for us as a student press?  What is the role of the student journalist in a high school setting?BIG QUESTION:  What do we want Quill Media to be this year?

Exit ticket:  Why did you sign up for this course?  How do you imagine yourself contributing to Quill Media this year?